Without question the number 1 racing pigeon strain in the world is the strain developed by the Janssen Brothers from Arendonk, Belgium. It is a unique inbred family of pigeons that helped shape the pigeon sport, worldwide, after the Second World War. "De mannekes" (the men- a term of endearment) from Arendonk, after several years demonstrated their absolute dominance in their breeding ability. It was a closely guarded secret that anyone who could get hold of pigeons from De Schoolstraat within a short time joined the realm of champions, simply because "the Janssen pigeon", was of such a high quality, that they revolutionized the racing pigeon sport.

The Janssen Brothers became world famous, above all, through the performances obtained with their fantastic pigeons by the thousands of fanciers in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany etc.
Their family friend, Jos de Klak became famous not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide with their pigeons and a number of other fanciers found that the pigeons they acquired from the brothers, were a gold mine. Descendants of the "Oude Stier", "De Merckx", "De 019", "De Bange", "Blauwe Winterjongen", "Vos Voliére" and "Chantilly": without exception, were gold in your hands. This showed that the Janssen Brothers had made breeding an art form. They had bred a glorious family of pigeons, a gift to the pigeon sport. After several setbacks, the last of the pigeon from De Schoolstraat were dispersed in April of 2012 through a sale on PIPA. It was the end of a legend, which beyond doubt still lives on the lofts of MVN-PIGEONS.

Ancestor terms of Janssen pigeons. Is without doubt the NL01-1996287, a grandson of the famous "Chantilly". This cock with his nest brother 286 obtained through Harry Schenau. Bred by Piet Manders. These two pigeons run like a thread through our Janssen strain. The matriarch is the NL99-1439052, a granddaughter of the "019". This hen comes from Karl-Heinz Kuhnekath and was bred by the Simons Family. There are also several pigeons from named breeders like, Anton Ruitenberg, T. & M. Erkes, Herman & Dennis Beverdam, Josef Becker, Theo v/d Heijden, Daelemans, H. & A. Roest and Rolf Huchthausen. But also purchased Originale Janssen Arendonk.


The B99-218 "Donkere Ernst", ringed by Louis Janssen and is an original "made by Janssen in Ardendonk." We have obtained this pigeon in the end of 2013 with 14 Years of Josef Ernst out of Hornbach. Yes, he was old but not yet worn. That same year he gave with the B99-6251091 a son. In 2014 we have 4 youngsters with the DV4858-07-1042. In 2015, 5 youngsters with the NL09-1562366. At the least he diet at 21.05.2015. He was paired with his own daughter (NL14-1922776) at that moment. At 22.05.2015 the NL14-1922776 became her 1st egg, and at the 24.05.2015 she became her 2nd egg. We did not taught that the eggs became youngsters. But it was a big wonder.